Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spare The Rod And A Thank You

Here is an article from a woman whose parents used the Pearl's methods in their family. Tulip Girl has been very vocal about speaking out against the Pearls. Here is another excellent article on the subject. I think that it is very important that parents understand that there are Christians who are crying out against the Pearls.

I want to thank everyone who has spoken so kindly to me about my doubts. You guys are great.

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TulipGirl said...

Thank you. *hug* You've been writing quite a bit about both this current tragedy as well as the overall flaws of these teachings. I've seen such a mix of parents who really want the "best" for their kids and get caught up in this crud, with a smaller number of parents who just seem to be antagonistic from the get-go, and this feeds into that already established mindset.

Makes me want to hug my kids all the more.