Wednesday, December 12, 2007

During Advent, I have promised myself to spend less time blogging and on the internet. But I thought that I would post the link to an interesting blog article. I know that during the Christmas season there are some people concerned about the 'pagan' origins of Christmas. For those of you forced to debate this issue, I thought that I would give you some ammunition.

Sure enough, this time of year a variety of Messianics, Jehovah's Witnesses, non-denominational types, and others, are out to prove that Christmas is pagan and those who celebrate it are engaged in sinful activity. I have seen the paltalk rooms and the websites, filled with hefty doses of discredited 19th century historical treatises. I am not remotely convinced by these arguments, because I do not accept the basic logic that leads one to conclude Christian holidays are pagan.

The rest of this article can be found here: The comments that follow the author's article are interesting also.