Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rebekah's Dreaming Awake Blog

Michael Pearl holds his own children up as examples of the good that can come from his child training methods. I thought it appropriate to explore what his children are now doing.

In her blog, Dreaming Awake, Rebekah Pearl Anast, posts under the name Ruby Archuletta. My real name is Rebekah Anast. I am an author and freelance writer for homeschool magazines. She doesn't claim in this particular post that her dreams are prophetic but if you read through her answers to questions that people leave on her blog, it appears she does consider herself a prophetess. have to add the www. at the beginning of the address.)

The majority of the dreams are troubling accounts of the end of civilization. There is rape and desperate parents hurting their children. At the very least, Rebekah has a very scary view of the world. It makes me wonder what is going on in her life to make Rebekah have so many frightening dreams. If there are any psychologists who visit this site, I would love to know their opinion on Rebekah's mental state. I am not saying that she is insane, but she does sound as if she has a very unhealthy mindset.

This is a typical dream listed on the site. I took the www. out of the address so you have to add it back in.

I dreamed that I was asleep and then awoke to a regular day. Time passed and I saw events come to pass that are prophesied in Scripture. I was distressed to see people I love experiencing horrific distress. Sickness, famine, war, death... These are just words. How can I describe the way famine looks? The way pain-induced insanity rings in the ears? How violence upon loved ones breaks the mind? I was overwhelmed with grief because I had not warned the people enough to convince them to leave the cities and the coasts... grieved that they had not believed me. It was too much to bear.

I awoke with huge relief that it had been only a dream, and had not yet happened.

So I went about my day and thought about the dream. Time passed, and I saw the same events come to pass that I had dreamed about... and then saw again the people I love experiencing the most traumatizing violence and death. I couldn't bear it... and so I woke again with relief that it was just another dream.

I lay in the bed crying and praying for the people, and then got up to go about my day... and was horrified to see the end coming so quickly. It was just like I had dreamed, but with more detail and involving people that are very dear to me.

A friend and her husband wanted to show us a place that they had purchased out in the rural mountains of the East. I was impressed with their choice of a house. It was stone, and very rural. People were trying to talk them out of living so far away from friends and family, but they believed bad times were coming, and wanted to live rurally. They were showing us the house they had bought, and we told them that it was going to get really bad in the East, but that the place they had chosen was pretty good, for that area of the US.

Time passed and violence fell on the land. We were separated from friends and family in the East, but I saw how it went with them. I saw many of the younger men leave their families to go fight in small groups to help defend the country. It was a noble cause. But the end was prophesied. They died. I saw my friend starving. Her youngest had died earlier, by disease I think. She had no one to care for them or hunt for food. She didn't know what wild things were edible. She was living in a rural "safe" place, but had not seen anyone alive in a long time. She knew her husband must be dead. She and her 7 year old child sat listlessly waiting for death. The child was starving to death.

The woman looked at her child and thought "I should just kill her, so she won't go through the pain and suffering of death." So she did. Then she looked at the child's body and thought, "Why not eat the body? Why not?"

I saw the end ahead of her... I saw the relief coming. It was just beyond the reach of mortality... or maybe not... and I saw the endless ages in which she would live with the knowledge that she had eaten her own child. I thought, "these are the tears he wipes away." And I began to cry.

I woke up crying. I cried all day. I'm still crying for the people that just don't believe what is coming could be that bad.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Deb ITA with you that Ms Anast has some serious psychological problems. Paranoia and Societal Anxiety Disorder.

With re to the kiddos trip, it's organized by her college and it's worth credits. They will stop in Mexico, Costa Rica, do a daytime transit of the Panama Canal, then to Cartegena,and Key West and end up in Miami. I am excited for her. She'll start 2011 in style. We'll know more in a couple of months.

Anonymous said...
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Roz said...

Hi Deb. The Pearls came to my attention via an outcry in the atheist (amongst others) community on YouTube and I am hoping to contribute to the outcry. Your blog is greatm and I echo the people who said please don't stop!

Anonymous said...

i am happy to find it thanks for sharing it here. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

awesome blog, do you have twitter or facebook? i will bookmark this page thanks. peace maria

Anonymous said...

Superb endeavor! We have long been seeking subjects nearly as intriguing as all of this. Awaiting the following post.

Caitlin said...

I cannot believe that a parent can kill, much more eat, their own flesh and blood. It is just not how the world works. And if I would come to a point where I have to decide in a situation like this, I might just give up myself than to kill my own child. Link Building Packages

Charles said...

I take it you are not a Bible believer