Sunday, November 25, 2007

Advent-What The Heck Is That?

Before I became Catholic I am uncertain if I had even heard of Advent. Yes, I knew of the other winter celebrations such as Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Ramadan and of course, I celebrated Christmas. I was even aware that some pagans consider the Winter Solstice a holiday. But Advent? I suppose that I could blame my ignorance on being brought up in North Carolina which is predominately Protestant, mainly Baptist. What ever my reason, I had no idea when I became Catholic what Advent was.

I am going to guess that I wasn't the only Non-Catholic who had never heard of Advent.

So, what is Advent?Advent is the beginning of the Church year. It is a period of four weeks in which Catholics contemplate the coming of our Saviour's birth. Our secular society has turned Christmas into a gross commercialized spectacle. But Advent helps focus us back onto the true meaning of December 25th, the coming of the light into the world.

For me, this period of reflection is helpful and comforting.

I try to put off Christmas decorations and baking until the first week of Advent. This helps me to tie the religious meaning into the holiday.

Advent starts this Sunday and I will try and post something each week about how my family ties this into our everyday life. Remember though, I am a convert, so some of this is still new to me. LOL


Lily said...

When I am really on the ball we do all the saints days in advent, what a wealth of riches! We've also done paper chains (I think your kids are older?) where we write good deeds or corporal and spiritual works to be done, make a chain, tear one off each day and do what is written on it. I hope to get my act together enough to do some of these things I love.

May you have a blessed advent.

homewardbound said...

Nice explanation of advent! This is only my second year of Advent, last December was the first I'd ever heard of it(being raised Baptist) and I hadn't grasped it all yet. I hope this year will help me become closer to our Lord and His Church. Take care!

deb said...

Lilly those are great ideas. My oldest is 18 but my youngest is only nine. I'll run those ideas past my kids.

Thank you homewardbound. I think that this is only my second year also. I am still trying to learn how to incorporate this with my kids. But I love the whole concept of Advent, of setting aside time to prepare for Christ's birth.

ignorant redneck said...

Nice Lady,

we will be putting up our decorations in a phased manner. Our tree will go up 8 days before Christmass, to coincide with the "O" aniphons of the liturgy of hours. The lights will all be up, but only the blues and greens will be lit till after midnight mass on christmass eve. Just our reactionary way of doing things.

I think it would be good to looke up the O antiphons, and recite them with the kids the last week before Christmass. But then, I phreakishly Olde Skool, according to my kids.

Suzywoozy said...

Ha ha.. we put up decorations by the 23rd normally... not really planned that way, it just happens.

But yesterday we all tried to think of something we could do to get ready for His coming.

My mum makes advent calendars for kids, with something to do everyday- like y'know- talk to someone who's lonely, pray for the poor, stuff like that..