Friday, September 21, 2007

Opie's Candy Store

Here are my very happy daughters inside of Opie's Candy Shop in Mt Airy, NC. It is a small shop but very full of different jars of candy. For $4.99 you can purchase a pound of candy. But the fun part is that you can mix and match which type of candy that you choose!
The top photo is my whole brood, Dad and kids deciding which candy to choose. We split into two groups, we girls got our own bag to share, while the boys got another bag.
My sons complained that the girls seemed to get more in their bag but that is because my daughters took more time in deciding what candy they chose.
If you live in NC or are just passing through, a trip to Mt. Airy is well worth the stop.
Here is a link to the store's website.


Alice said...

Guess where our next field trip is going to be?!

Looks yummy!

deb said...

Its a great place and the people are very friendly. The whole town is so nice that my hubby is talking about retiring there, if he can find a job.